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Museology LAB (Digital Laboratory) is intended to promote and disseminate considerations on several issues, thus developing thematic research, cultural, artistic and educational activities, interactive cross -cutting ac tions and content, based on studies in the areas of Social Museology (Sociomuseology), Communication, Information Science, with approaches resulting from research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Social Technology (ST), Human Rights (HR) and interactivity. Therefore, the museum also develops products aimed at museological communication, museographic, educational and cultural actions, based on contemporary reflections on the Museology -virtuality relationship.

| Our Mission |
MUSEOLOGY LAB is a digital experimental space of the VIRTUAL MUSEOLOGY Project that promotes theoretical and applied studies in Museology. It develops sustainable and inclusive cultural and educational activities, in defense of universal rights, diversity, human dignity and the right to memory, valuing cultural diversity and promoting actions that encourage critical thinking, through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies aimed at different social segments.

| Our Vision |
To be recognized as a creative experimental space, which promotes considerations and knowledge production. Values: democracy, dignity, diversity, autonomy, inclusion.

| Values |
Democracy, dignity, diversity, autonomy, inclusion.

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Lecture – Museums and Afro-diasporic Perspectives.

Lecture – Museums and Afro-diasporic Perspectives.

Data: 16/04/2021 Palestrante: Profa. Dra. Deborah Santos

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Frida Kahlo Wears Mask

Frida Kahlo Wears Mask

Habits that save lives. Don't ever forget to wear mask when leaving home!

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MonaLisa Doesn’t Forget Her Mask

MonaLisa Doesn’t Forget Her Mask

In pandemic times, not even Mona forgets her masks! Do you?

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Virtual Exhibition [Des]Mundo

Virtual Exhibition [Des]Mundo

The slow ticking of the clock and the redefinition of realities - palpable and virtual.

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The scratching of days, the slow passing of the clock hands… The world we knew yesterday is no longer the same as it is today. Covid-19 pandemic opened up the certainty of our social, cultural and political uncertainties, bringing forms of relationship that have social isolation as the key to our new affective dynamics.

[Des]mundo exhibition, the result of the Virtual Museology extension project at the University of Brasilia (UnB), consists of modules that instigate us to think about privileges, vulnerabilities and the possibility of reinventing the days. It is a wordplay about what is and what no longer is our world reference, it is about [dis]connections and [de]constructions of what we knew as human condition.

If “art exists because life is not enough”, as Ferreira Gullar understood, the artistic manifestations of this pandemic period shout narratives of pain, anguish and what it means to exist in this contemporaneity. It makes us think if building the world in art can be a way, perhaps, to reinvent life. Have a good immersion


coordination – Monique Magaldi



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